Best practices for client video uploading

Here are some best practices for making sure your client's videos get to you as the coach.

This is an area to develop some success tactics with your clients to make sure all videos reach you.  Here are some top tips.

Be on a Reliable Network

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important for video uploads to be made from a reliable WiFi/network connection.

If a video has not successfully uploaded or the client has their settings to upload only on WiFi, OnForm will try again later. But, where possible, try to be on a reliable network when uploading videos.

Keep the Videos shorter

OnForm does not have a time limit on videos, but for easy uploading and impactful coach review, shorter videos are key to maximise the feedback loop. Keeping videos to a few minutes is best

Look Out for an Uploaded Symbol

If you see an incomplete circle, then the video is still uploading. 

If you see a cloud image then your video has been uploaded.

If you don't see either of these. Go ahead and attempt this upload again!

Uploading Video to OnForm