Can the video be taken on a phone camera or does it have to be something like Zoom?

Capture video right from your phone the way you normally would or import a video to your camera roll.

Yes, video is typically recorded right from a phone and can even be captured directly within the app.  The video can also be imported from an external camera (or sent to you by a friend) and saved to the phone's camera roll, where it can then be imported into OnForm.

We don't support any live webcam streams such as Zoom or Skype. Our focus is really on non-live training video where you and your coach can access that video anytime after a lesson to analyse, assess, receive feedback (using the voiceover, drawing and comparison tools), and learn through re-watching. 

Tip:  To make video sharing even easier, someone (like a parent) can capture the video on their device and easily save that video directly into a group OnForm channel!