I am having an issue viewing the app, what should I do?

Here are the best steps to get the Eventing Manager app up and running again.

Step 1:

As we push updates to the app, there are two key steps to make sure you have the newest version:

  1. Search Eventing Manager in your app store and make sure the button says "open" (for example) rather than "update". If the button says "update" go ahead and click on it to get the newest version.
  2. Close the app completely, meaning swiping up to close if on an Apple device. Open and close the app a few times in this way to ensure you have the latest version.

Step 2:

If getting the most up to date version of the app has not worked, send us a message with as much detail as you can give. This will allow our team to help solve the issue as fast as possible. 

We aim to reply within a few hours, so leave your email and we will get back to you as soon as possible with any follow up questions that might be needed.


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