I have an iOS device but my client has an Android (or vice versa). Can we work together using OnForm?

Do both parties need to have the same type of device to use OnForm together?

Here's the quick answer

For now, a coach will require the iOS version of OnForm but athletes can use either the iOS version or the Athlete Android version and, regardless of which device the athlete uses, all communication and video-sharing will occur directly from within the app, seamlessly.

Here are the details

Right now, coaches need the iOS version of OnForm. This is because the main feedback tools like side-by-side comparison, overlay, voiceover, drawing, etc. are only available on iOS for the foreseeable future. (Building the drawing tools and full suite of feedback tools that we have in iOS is proving a long and difficult task but we are working on it!)

So, to coach, you need an iOS device. But, the Athlete Android version is now available.  This means any coach using OnForm (on iOS) will easily be able to communicate and share videos with an athlete who uses Android, all from within the OnForm app.

Of course, the iOS version is not only for coaches.  Athletes who have iOS devices will use the same iOS version as their coaches!