What is simulated eventing?

Necessity is the mother of invention. When eventing is canceled, we simulate the real thing!

Simulated Eventing (or Sim Eventing) was born due to COVID-19 and the halt in eventing at that moment. We wanted to do something to keep #RidersConnected during that time, so EquiRatings along with SAP and other partners brought eventing online.

For each Sim Event, we selected an entered field (real world combinations throw together in a simulated pool of competitors). Then, we used EquiRatings data powered by SAP Predictive Analytics to simulate how those combinations could do in the real world.  For predictive analysis, we run a simulation 10,000 times but for Sim Events, we ran the simulation one time only in order to simulate a single weekend of competition, with all the surprises it can bring.

We ran 4 Sim Events throughout the spring and summer of 2020. Now, with real-world eventing back in full swing, we still have our eyes on Sim Eventing for the off season (we all need our fix, after all).  Stay tuned to our social media or enable notifications from the Eventing Manager app to keep yourself posted on future Sim Events!