What is the best way to use the voiceover tool when giving feedback?

Here are 5 top tips to make the most of the voiceover tool for audio and visual feedback.

The cornerstone of the OnForm feedback loop is the voiceover tool.  The voiceover tool is how you leave audio and visual instruction for your clients.  It enables you to record over the video, offering feedback either in real speed or through a frame by frame analysis. 

Here are 5 top tips to make feedback easy & effective for you & your clients:

  1. When you are recording a voiceover make sure you turn down the audio on your own device as you play the video back.

    When you first watch the video you can listen with the audio turned up but when you’re recording your own feedback, turning down the volume on your device will mean that your audio is clean and clear to your client. 
  2. When recording your voiceover make sure that you record it in the same profile as the video you are giving feedback on.

    If the original video is in portrait, then record your voiceover in portrait. If the video was sent in landscape then just flip your device to record in landscape. This helps to use the maximum amount of the screen and prevents any cropping when you send the video back to your client.
  3. You can use the drawing tools at any time as you record the voice over.

    OnForm can record your voice while you use any drawing tools available, enabling you to continue to speak when the video is paused and you are drawing on the screen to enhance your explanation.  You can stop to use the drawing tools and then restart again as many times as you like throughout your voiceover.
  4. Take advantage of the zoom facility to offer optimum insight into the video.

    You can pinch to zoom into the video and then pan to move the image around, all while recording your voice.
  5. Keep your feedback message focused and short.

    By focusing on specific areas and offering concise feedback you’ll be giving your clients the targeted feedback they need to continue to improve.  By keeping videos to under 10 minutes you’ll also help to keep the video sizes smaller which means quicker upload speeds, bonus!

Catch these tips on the go by listening to them straight from Gear Fisher of OnForm:

5 Tips for OnForm Voiceover Tool