Where should I start with Simple Metrics?

Simple Metrics may seem like a daunting concept, but they can be as simple as picking your weakest phase and calculating the metric for it. This is a starting point to improvement.

You can start your journey with just one of the Simple Metrics or you can use all five straight away. A good place to start with Simple Metrics is to calculate one or all of the 5 base metrics for your horse (or horses).

  • 6RA (Dressage)
  • SJ6 (Show Jumping)
  • XCJ10 (Cross Country Jumping)
  • TSR (Cross County Time)
  • OBP6 (Overall Performance)

However, the Simple Metrics can be used for a horse or for a rider. They can be used at a single level or across multiple levels. They can be used for just last season or they can go back further. Whatever you decide, keep it simple, because simplicity keeps it useful and powerful.  

To read a more detailed how-to for calculating your Simple Metrics, click here