Why should I use simple metrics?

To start the journey of improvement, you have to know where to start. Simple Metrics can provide this starting point.

The Simple Metrics help you measure your performance in each phase. They take a big, intangible goal like 'getting better' and turn it into an objective, tangible goal.  

Understand - objectively and clearly - how strong your performance has been in dressage, show jumping and cross country and see how well you and your horse have been putting all three phases together.

You can start by calculating just one of your Simple Metrics or you can use all five straight away. Once you have that first number, you have a benchmark and the journey of improvement can begin.

The Simple Metrics can be used for a horse or for a rider. They can be used at a single level or across multiple levels. They can be used for just last season or they can go back further. Whatever you decide, keep it simple, because simplicity keeps it useful and powerful. 

Find out more about simple metrics, along with how and why they can be used here.